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  India colourful and vibrant, a land as diverse as its people. A mosaic of faiths, cultures, customs and languages that blend harmoniously to form a composite whole. One of the world’s oldest living civilizations - which gave to the world - the concept of zero, the primordial sound Aum…Yoga, and Buddhism.

Today - the India of the 21st century is carving a niche for itself as an economic superpower. The Maharajas of yore have yielded place to some of the wealthiest tycoons of the world. Our country has achieved remarkable breakthroughs in missile, aeronautical and space technologies. India has become the hub of Information technology in south Asia, owing to its vast pool of English-knowing technical manpower!

Enchanting India…a treasury of art, architecture; philosophy, classical dances and music; the mesmerising Taj, the eternal Ganges, the Thar desert, the mighty Himalayas, tropical rainforests, the Cape where the waters of three seas mingle…the rich fauna-snakes, peacocks, Royal Bengal Tiger, lions…India is all of these and more…

India-perennial, yet young and dynamic; come discover its myriad moods- in the pages of India Heritage-a website whole-heartedly devoted to providing a kaleidoscopic view of this wonderland to the world!

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