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:: Ancient India

North India
Embark on a journey of discovery...…find out what life was like in northern/north western part of the country 3000 years ago more...

South India
Find out how the other half of the country lived....... monarchs, kingdoms, warriors, treaties, battles won and lost, temples, bronze sculptures, and frescoes that survive.....even today more...

:: Medieval India ::

North India
The debut of Islam, followed by hordes of conquerers and warriors.....some went away after pillaging; other stayed to found dynasties and become a part of history...................... relics in the shape of columns, arch-ways and pillars that have survived the ravages of time........ more...

South India
Beyond the Vindhyas, the ebb and flow of life followed similar patterns, kingdoms rose and fell, the meteoric rise of kings and emperors was followed by obscurity and eventual oblivion.... Only the golden sands on the seashores and the marvellous specimens of architecture re-live the glorious and splendid past.

:: Modern India ::

The Coming of the Europeans
The Colonial Period
The Freedom Struggle
The History of the Indian Flag

:: History of Eastern & North Eastern India::

History of Bengal
History of Assam

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